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Originally Posted by CCH4TENNIS View Post
Hi Britanny

I have a similar problem but the other way, my brand new C10Pro 2012 bought from TW and delivered to Malaysia is 13g lighter unstrung and 15g strung

Strung Weight : 331g ( as compared to the advertised 346g)
Balance : 9.76pt HL (as compared to the advertised 8pt HL)

That is way above the 10g + /-

I am sorry to hear this. I want to clarify Tennis Warehouse's specs from my first post. The specs listed on our website are strung specs. This is why the weight of the unstrung racquets vary from what is listed on our website.

As opposed to publishing the target specs (unstrung) that manufacturers print on their racquets, Tennis Warehouse will pull 4-6 racquets, string them, and spec them individually. We then will take the average of those "strung" specs and publish them on our website as we feel this portrays a more accurate depiction of the racquet.

While there is a tolerance range, it is not necessarily based on our advertised specs and more of the manufacturer's targeted specs. If you are unhappy with your racquet, please email in to our customer service and they will be able to help you out more.

Brittany, TW
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