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Anyone else like their racquet setups boardy?
With the PHT crosses in one of my PSGTs dead I gotta say, "no".

OTOH like you I really enjoy the precision of stiffer stringbeds which probably explains why I enjoy small heads and/or dense patterns and poly crosses such as 4G.

I just hit with two of my PSGTs, one with VS/PHT and one with VS. with the PHT dead and at max tension loss I had zero control and it felt boardy. But there was tons of spin. The VS frame was plush, powerful, very precise, but less spinny.

4G cross is a nice comprimise. More spinny than full gut but less than PHT. Less comfort than gut but more control than PHT. Tension loss nearly the same as gut.

I'll probably end up with two frames with VS/4G for competition and one with full VS for casual hitting with the wife and kids.
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