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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
^It's a good match for the more powerful, stiffer and open patterned racquets. No good in 18x20's. Along with kirschbaum's pro line, pro poly tour is the deadest I've ever played.

They get better on the 2nd and 3rd outing, but 47lbs is a good starting point for that string.
Well, as someone who's hit with a ton of polys, all I can say is, this really stood out for me today. Really surprised and impressed me, klem.

So many polys are either a bit too stiff, or too mushy, or whatever. But my early impressions on this are of a string that's comfortable, you get that slight pockety sensation and lovely soft feel without it being mushy and Cyclonish, it bites on to the ball with a lot of spin, some really ripping power, allied with nice control. Okay, I still need to get better acquainted with PPro Tour, but, yep, seems to be much more my cup of tea, much more distinctive than so many of the current popular polys du jour.

Of course you could have hit the nail on the head, i.e., it's simply just a very good fit for the J100.

Whichever, I'm seriously considering buying some more of this.
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