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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Many such things are actually made in China. Also many of the numbers are exaggerated. Try to see how much is the fraction of legal expenses in the manufacture of a racket. I have read many articles on racket manufacturing, and have never heard it mentioned.

In fact, what you see is that American safety standards are being adopted globally. In many countries, it was cool to blame the victim for lack of common sense. Now people don't stand for that any more. I would say that development of American safety standards may have been expensive for America, but other countries are reaping the benefits for free now.
I don't disagree with what you chose to address in my previous post, though I will take your noncommentary on the majority of it as tacit agreement.

Of course the as yet unaddressed issue is the flip side of your post #32, namely what about the well known and common downside to no Loser Pays, that is the quasi extortion of the threat of a lawsuit? That is, if the asking price of a ridiculous lawsuit is less than the cost of litigation, what is a potential defendant to do? "Pay up" is the answer from the accounting dept.
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