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Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post
*insert sappy pic of dokic (sp) coach*

If I were to cast an actor to play dats it would be Ed burns.
owe Sup 1 beer cuz i would also cast ed burns cuz he is kool as sheet in every movie ive seen him in. i think i was watching the movie 15 minutes years ago and thought i looked just like him. of course nobody else would throw me a bone.

wut dats wished he looked like when going out to bars:

wut dats thought he looked like when going out to bars

wut girls actually saw back then:

but lately i think i look more like paul rudd's head on galifiniakis' body.
actually i might just be straight up galifiniakis!!!
i've gotten FAT y'all! how could i even hope to compete on the court.
fark. so fat. so lazy. so lame. im embarrassed. now i will soothe myself by eating another donut and drinking a few more beers. seriously... thats what i do! embarrassing!

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