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I've always been a fan of small head frames especially since I last had my prestige mids. I was super excited ever since I've become a member of the Yonex family for the open pattern 89 but Even at 48lbs (my usual tension) with my poly of choice the frame just felt horribly average. I didn't find anything special to it, nor were my balls doing anything. If anything, they were landing pretty short. My hitting partner wasn't impressed at all.

Thinking it was just me, I let him hit with them. He's played Prestige mids all his tennis career at similar tension and has an absurd amount of topspin on his strokes. To give you a better gauge of his style of hitting, he usually hits within 2' of the back of the baseline. With the 89t, his ball was landing 5+ feet in the court and simply didn't have the jump of his usual strokes. Neither of us really found anything special tagging the ball flat, or serving with it either. It was a pretty big let-down for the both of us.
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