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Been working on court sense more than tecnique the past few weeks- been doing well vs the regular guy, just controlling the play from the center of the court. Won again 7-6 (after screwing up a 5-2 lead).

Anyway, all the forehand talk here got me excited to go have a hit!

Hit for a while with a former Davis Cup player (10 years retired). Cooperative warmup for doubles, so we were just hitting crosscourt. Groundstrokes were holding up pretty well, though I'm sure he was holding back. After rallying with him for 30 minutes or so, I was really winded from the weight of his shots.


Point play

I still need to keep the palm down for more PTD. I did some hand fed drills after the session, which kinda helped that. Unfortunately camera ran out of juice...

Anyway, would be nice to get some comments/pointers/reminders from you guys. To keep me on the right track.

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