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I do not know the answer to that. All I know is I read Zoo Tennis daily. Its seems like once a week I read things like, "15 year old Bob from Russia went to the finals of the Popo Futures" and "16 year old Frank from Norway just won the top pro ITF ".

Coaching32years can give more answers on this one than I can.

Specifically talking Orange Bowl 18s. Back in the day the top 10 seeds would correspond to the top 10 ITF. Now the 3rd seed is like 20th ITF. So obviously the top 10 ITF guys are playing elsewhere.
8 of the top 10 ITF ranked boys are NOT playing the Orange Bowl. The 2 best 18 year old Americans are playing pro and NOT playing the Orange Bowl. The best players from our section never play USTA tournaments. ITF and Futures only. These are the facts. It is the new reality.
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