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Default New Amplifeel 360 handles

A pic of a bare amplifeel 360 handle:

Interesting that this off-white dimpled surface does not match the description given by John Lyons at Wilson: And Amplifeel 360? How’s it different from the original Amplifeel?

Lyons: So, the original version of Amplifeel—if you remove the grip and just look at the bare handle, it looks like it’s made of foam. But sunken into this foam are cavities, where we drop six inserts of carbon and basalt. With Amplifeel 360, the whole handle is made up of basalt and carbon. Instead of starting with foam, we’ve expanded the graphite out to form the handle. So no foam?

Lyons: No, there’s foam. We’ve designed the basalt/graphite material with valleys to retain the foam, as opposed to molding cavities and dropping basalt into the foam itself. Now, when you remove the grip, the black of the handle you see is the composite material of the racquet. It’s not something we insert in afterwards.

The bevels also appear more rounded than usual.
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