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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Wrong.Being cocky or agressive is a genetic question but there are many different ways to be competitive and absolutely nothing to do with behaviour tham inner strength and resilience
Were cold champs like Laver,Rosewall,Lacoste,Borg,Lendl,Wilander,Kodes,S edgman,Kramer,Sampras i,Newcombe,Smith or Federer less competitive than hot extroverts like Tildem,Perry,Budge,Hoad,Gonzales,Nastase,Connors,A gassi,Becker or Nadal?
I do not think so.All of them have made history cause they were all ferocious competitors andit had nothing to do with personaluty
Great point, I've always thought competitiveness came down ultimately to concentration. Champions can be fiery or quiet, so long as their focus remains sharp and undisturbed.

I'm not sure Budge belongs in your second group. He was often described as consistent and even boring compared to some of his rivals.

McEnroe could be added to your group, and I mention him because he's the first player that comes to mind when I think "temperamental."

Add Edberg to your first group.
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