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Default Hit with a R-22 and a Max 200G today :)

Wow! For the first time in 20+ years I hit with a Yonex R-22 and a Max 200G today. Despite the old strings, I was blown away at what great racquets they both are. I know racquet technology has progressed in the last 20 years (I own two Babolat PD2012s and love them), but seriously, there is no doubt in my mind I can play just as well (maybe better ) with the R-22 and 200G on any given day.

The R-22 was more familiar to me as I played one in HS. It's strength was clearly serves and volleys at the net (must be quite head light). Maybe with a bit of lead it could be a bit more solid from the baseline? Regardless, it was great!

The Max 200G, albeit a smaller hitting area than the R-22, was crazy solid, powerful and accurate on groundstrokes and serves. Surprises me that McEnroe would have favored this as a serve-and-volley racquet... but then again he's McEnroe and I'm not. It's a heavy racquet (which made it a little tougher to volley with), but it's also quite amazing given it's age.

Considering that both of these racquets had old(er) strings with low tension, could any of you that are experienced with these racquets recommend a great string tension to try with both of these racquets. I prefer 100% natural gut.

Are there any modern equivalents to these two racquets? I'm not talking about aesthetics (ie: Bio Max 200G)... I mean specs and playability.

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