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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Honestly, given that I don't like 4G and you love its tension stability, I may not be the one to ask. However, I would be remiss if I did not recommend anything from Signum Pro or Weisscannon. WC Silverstring, for instance, becomes TERRIBLY boardy when strung above 55lbs in my experience. It's not a soft string by any means, but it feels like wood to me at 60. The control, however, is off the charts. And I would put Silverstring against anything but SPPP as far as tension stability goes. I don't think anything from Lux is even in the same league. Even at your tension, it's not going to be a pillow. It will feel firm, but not boardy. The string just has too much feel for that.

I just used weisscannon SS in my rebel 98 at 68 lbs. and it was not boardy at all. Actually I really liked the feel even at that tension. You are right about SS having great control, that is one of its best characteristics.
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