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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
You have to bear in mind that Mac was comparing the first 200G's to wood. His brother had some demos from Dunlop, John borrowed them and never went back to wood. His game was based on wood rackets, that is an entirely different perspective. Borg had a hard time transitioning from wood to graphite. And when you have played your whole life with a wood racket, it might be a hard transition. Can you imagine having to transition to wood now?

The R-22, like the R-7 before it, is a solid players frame. About an inch head light stock. Stiffness in the 50's? 12 ounces+, 95 sq inches-ish, my kind of frame.

I think you would be hard pressed to find a modern equivalent to either frame. The trend now is toward lighter, stiffer rackets. I am not a fan of most modern frames.
Transition to wood now is a breeze. Three years ago it took me 15 minutes to adjust and loved it ever since. If you can play tennis, you can play any racket....!!!!! (exceptt maybe the Ergonom, still struggling with that one).
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