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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
Thanks for the input! I normally do Kevlar/syn gut hybrids or full poly jobs. I like kevlar at 63lbs in my TT Radical Tours, and even though I've never had arm pain from it, I just don't know if 70lbs is too high for kevlar. I'll prob string it at 70lbs for at least one run, but if it hurts or doesn't play well, I'll drop it to 63lbs
Just out of curiosity....Kevlar has no stretch what so ever, right?
So, you can pull it at any tension, it won't budge!
So 20 or 70 lbs should not make any difference.....No?
2x MAX 200G PRO, Nat.Gut/Ferry Force Super Touch at 58 lbs.
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