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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Actually 7 majors is 3 more than Maria. Maria has only won 4. Funny to see several posters now handing Maria an extra major somewhere, lol! Maybe projecting ahead 5 years to her final career total, which indeed will probably be 2 behind Venus and Henin still, with her winning 1 more major probably a good guess looking at her career ratios thus far, and recognizing she is no Serena and wont be contending for majors at 28 or beyond. As for Venus`slam count, obviously TerraStar was counting her doubles wins in that total.
Having won a career grand slam which is something not a lot have done kind of doubles your slam haul, when you look at things achievement-wise, so she's probably up around Henin and Venus at this point, even though most would argue the latter two are better players. But let's see how it plays out in Maria's career.

As far as clay goes, Maria won the three big red clay titles last year and nothing else, despite making finals on other surfaces. Perhaps she is the new Nadal of the women's side.
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