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Having won a career grand slam — which is something not a lot have done — kind of doubles your slam haul
One of the stupidest comments ever, and on Planet TW that is saying something. By your logic Agassi would be considered to have an equal or better slam record than Sampras, and the Career Slam is MUCH harder and rarer in the mens game than the womens. Agassi with his Career Slam isnt even considered superior to the other 8 slam winners like Connors, Lendl, or Rosewall, all who are generally ranked over him by experts.

Sharapova`s career is not in the same stratosphere as either Venus or Henin at this point. Any advantage her career slam would give her is more than overriden by the other massive holes in her career, never defending a slam title, never winning 2 slams in the same year, never even winning a slam in back to back years, barely any time at number (same as Venus, but unlike Henin), no doubles success (same as Henin, but unlike Venus), general lack of consistency. She would have to win 9 majors to be ranked over Venus or Henin by most people, unless she has one super spectacular year far above any year of her career so far, or builds a late career legacy at a venue other than Roland Garros, as Roland Garros at this point would be all but overuled by the historic worst ever womens clay field and the knowledge a prime Henin would massacre her on the surface.
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