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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
We were just in Romania a few weeks ago and found in a mall in Brazov the new Heads selling for 750 Lei at a large French based sporting goods store...brings it down well below the inflated euro prices.
Did you mean Brasov ?? Thanks, can get them cheaper. I wasn't going to buy them at 216 euros as I don't need racquets anyway, I have 5 of my main ... and that's enough for me.
My remark with regards to our politicians was related to the fact that our TW Europe prices are inflated due to the fact that our VAT percentage is among the largest in the EU. Only some 3 or 4 countries have a slightly bigger percentage, and all are northern European/Scandinavian ones (except Hungary...) where the standard of living and services provided for the high taxes is incomparable .
Anyway, just a rant .
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