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Originally Posted by niremetal View Post won't get any argument from me that drug/alcohol/gambling addictions are worse than racquets and more costly. But the fact that something else is more expensive (and unhealthy to boot) doesn't change the fact that racquets are still damned expensive.
Of course it doesn't. Logical fallacies are lovely.
You are saying that trying out racquets all the time is very expensive when comparing it to sticking with one racquet model that suits you, buying a few of those and playing with them for years.
Others are introducing other (disaster) scenarios into the debate. Things like, yes...but when compared to being a heroin addict, you still come off cheaper. Well...duh...really??

That's like going to your boss and asking for a bigger paycheck since your productivity has grown, the company profit has grown and you've taken on more responsibility lately and him saying...but are very well payed compared to the cleaning lady, and you have a great life compared to the should be happy with your current paycheck .
It may all be very true, but it's totally unrelated to you asking for a raise for very practical and well founded reasons .
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