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Originally Posted by jrepac View Post
all of the above, I would suspect. Although, in retrospect, I think he was trying to play Mac a bit too aggressively (serving & volleying) and getting slaughtered. He needed to find a way to slow it all down, perhaps let Mac, come down to Earth a bit. Maybe get into Mac's head a bit. But that never happened.

Mac was just playing too well that season. He creamed Connors a week earlier at Queen's as well. It was unusual for him to beat Jimmy THAT easily on a fast grass surface....he was playing some phenomenal tennis.
yeh, mcenroe couldnt miss really..i think he was really 'in the zone' maybe losing the french open final in such a horrendous manner helped him focus all the more..

then again maybe the french open had nothing to do with it lol

also when watching the olympic 2012 final and how 'off the pace' federer was compared to wimby final..made me think of connors-supermac at sided contest between players age 25 - 30/31.
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