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Originally Posted by GarryClarke View Post
Ross,im very surprised you liked YPTP 125 in the j100 at that tension and expected to hear you say balls were hitting the fence!!!!

i played YPTP in my PD @ 52/50 and felt i could have raised the tension to 54/52 as it does have an initial breaking in period and just felt it was a tad too powerful!!!
i enjoyed the softness of it and i like full beds of poly in the PD,have got a couple of sets left and fancy trying YPTP in my blade 98 but im not sure it will give me the control i really like from that frame but you can only try

cheers garry
Hmm, hard for me to give you a definitive answer as a), I haven't played long enough with the string to have a fully developed idea on what you raise, and 2, I've tried 4 or 5 different string-jobs with the J and every one of them (including PPT) bar maybe Alu saw me hitting long a bit too often for my liking - a lot/some of which I'm convinced is actually down to me not being properly grooved and dialed in with the frame (which itself is a testimony to my bad habit switching too much between the Juice and PD, and constant change-ups in mod set ups - about which I plan on only checking these frames from now on with no mods at all, and I plan on looking at the PD with PTT to get a closer comparison to the J).

BTW Garry, I also didn't find Big Ace in the PD @ 45s too powerful. I could have gone lower actually. Not as good all around for me as PPT in the Juice, but a nice poly, not quite my thing.

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