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Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post
Of course it doesn't. Logical fallacies are lovely.
You are saying that trying out racquets all the time is very expensive when comparing it to sticking with one racquet model that suits you, buying a few of those and playing with them for years.
Others are introducing other (disaster) scenarios into the debate. Things like, yes...but when compared to being a heroin addict, you still come off cheaper. Well...duh...really??

That's like going to your boss and asking for a bigger paycheck since your productivity has grown, the company profit has grown and you've taken on more responsibility lately and him saying...but are very well payed compared to the cleaning lady, and you have a great life compared to the should be happy with your current paycheck .
It may all be very true, but it's totally unrelated to you asking for a raise for very practical and well founded reasons .
Perception of value is relative; a $100 racquet is expensive to those who are not addictive to tennis but the same racquet is not that expensive to those who love tinkering with their toys. Level of income can also be a factor; a $100 racquet is an expensive item to those who make, say, $30,000 a year but it is not to those who make $300,000 a year.

Addiction and passion are two faces of the same coin. Addiction is unhealthy if it causes dysfunction in one's life, i.e. deteriorating work performance, ruined marriage, etc. Addiction becomes a passion if it incentivizes, fuels, and propels one to perform better in one's career and fitness. Of course, many addicts like to rationalize their addiction and believe that their passion is healthy

Posters who join this debate love tennis racquets. It's impossible to tell if they are addicts or enthusiasts. They are, however, well-meaning and feel for the OP. I would also go cold turkey the moment my colleagues, friends, or wife say that I look and behave like an addict
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