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Exactly, I have only once seen anyone foot faulting where advantage may have been possible, so most people complaining about foot faults are simply being obnoxious.

Every ATP match is officiated over by scores of umpires, linesmen, ball boys, and the like so they can afford to be meticulous about every line.

Foot faulting is due to a technical fault with service and not due to hitting a ball out so these are two very separate issues.

I've lost zero points playing against people foot faulting, but many points playing against people deliberately calling lines in their favour.

Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
Foot faulting isn't such a big deal. There's really not much of an advantage to having your toe skim the line.

I understand it's a rule, but if they broke the rule and were benefiting marginally from it, I would call them out on it. But it's really nominal to null.

I've had people foot fault on me, and I just let them have it. I still beat their asss.

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