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Originally Posted by mxmx View Post
Shoes don't rest though. Rotating shoes does not mean they last longer. It merely means two pairs share the same workload over the same period of time.
One doesn't get more time out of your shoes by rotating is rather that their time on court is halved. It is like having two rackets instead of one...strings last just as long on one racket than on two, except that with two rackets, its more convenient having to string it much later and it feels as if they last longer.

This is not saying I dislike the idea of rotation though...I'm considering getting 2-3 pairs of more affordable shoes and rotating them - instead of just 1 pair of vapors or barracades.
If I have 1 pair of shoes that lasts for 3 months, and that is all I wore. If I half the amount of time put into those same shoes by alternating in another pair I can go for 6 months without worrying about shoes.

Of course as you said, the $$ is still the same - but there are advantages. the main one is the summer heat and sweat..wearing sweaty shoes that did not full dry out is pretty awful, and that is themain reason I do it.

The other reason is if one pair blows out, I'm not totally screwed.

The third is that I can use an older pair of shoes that did not blow out, but did have some good use, and designate them for clay only. Doing all those things has really helped me prolong my shoe life even though the cost is about the same. Its just a far better experience. So my main point is that I always budget for 2 pairs of shoes at the same time, play a ton of tennis, and still only have to buy twice a year on average.
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