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Default Ball machine - portability

For the past two years, I've been using the Tennis Tutor Plus ball machine. Once at the courts, I have no complaints with the machine. Getting to the courts, though, is a huge pain. The machine is heavy, bulky, and the wheels are terrible.

I have to roll the machine a good distance from the parking lot to the courts I play at. Adding to the difficulty of rolling the machine, the courts are clay and it is even worse when going over the clay.

I'm looking to replace it with a machine in the style of a Lobster. The two machines I'm mostly considering are the Lobster and Silent Partner. Based on reviews I've read, I'd buy the Silent Partner in a heartbeat considering its features and price compared to the Lobster. But I keep looking at those smaller wheels and wondering how well they roll. Plus the SP looks a little bulkier than the Lobster.

Has anyone had experience with both machines at least as far as how they roll?
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