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Righto, back with a quick report.

Put in a full bed of Wilson Gut 16 @ 58lbs. RacquetTune reported 56.5lbs after 2 days and a hard hitting session. I've since played an hour of singles and a few hours of doubles.

The strings feel great! I seem to be hitting long more often than usual so I put that down to the extra power from the string bed, in combination with getting better at stepping in to the ball. Needs some work I feel I'm stroking with my normal amount of spin but I'm not getting as much as usual. This is ok as it means I'm hitting deeper into the court more often. Volleys do feel 'better', although I'm not sure how to describe it. It feels as though the ball sits in the string bed a bit longer, but I dunno. Softer on volleys, more powerful on groundies.

So far I like it; it smells funky! There are a few frayed strands already — I'm not sure whether this is normal for gut. I hope to tune my form to keep some of those longer balls in.
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