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You can do whatever you want amongst consenting adults, but the reality is that the rule is that the receiver has no right to call foot faults in non-officiated games.

Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
Yesterday for grins, I called foot-faults on a dub opponent during warm-up. I wouldn't have bothered if it weren't for this thread and that fact that this club player annoyed from the start.

We had warmed up, I served first, FBI, (which means first ball in), as is the "general" convention at this club. Next up to serve is Mr. Annoying. He announces he wants warm-up serves--I groan and get some water. PEOPLE! real players warm up their serves during the warm-up--that's why it's called a WARM-UP! At the rec or club level, you mutually decide to do one or the other, everyone either hits warm-up serves or FBI.

Then, Mr. Annoying becomes Mr. Clueless also wanting FBI--of course. It's rude and ridiculous to make three people wait around, while Mr. Annoying/Clueless solitarily hits his practice serves, which he should have opted to do during the "warm-up".

So, moral of the story--he thanks me for telling him that he was foot-faulting, that he's not one of those players who takes it personally but appreciates the opportunity to correct it.

Contrary to Barleby's attempt at revisionism of the rules and history of tennis, if someone during a rec match calls you for ff'ing you should be appreciative that they have the balls to do it and thank them. If you ever have any aspirations for tournament competition ff'ing will come back to bite you and really get into your head then--and those you play with will think more highly of you maybe buying your used car or a drink at the bar.
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