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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
Ga is correct, 17 or even 18g tecnifibre biphase is good or just plain old tecnifibre NRG, you can go down to 50lbs.

If you really have to go poly then zyex monogut from ashaway. The guy who invented it came to grand slam stringers forum and gave us some samples to try out, this stuff is like gum, it is very elastic and arm friendly and has the characteristic of poly because it is polymer, it is the softest POLY in the planet.

when my kid was 8-9 I used gosen OG sheep 18g, it is the best synthetic gut on the planet. just plain jane 18g, nothing like it, string it low tension and she should be fine,
pro-tour THANKS for doing that. I look forward to meeting you and your son. You are gonna LOVE it!!!! Heath is a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!
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