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His improvement is very predictable and on the level of all the guys who play at better D-1 programs. To play guys outside the top 10 ITF, those are all college level players.

We know his ceiling because he is an old junior. That means he has had his growth spurt, played solely tennis for 10 plus years, and is approaching 17. So a scout at IMG or other agencies can tell you about where he will peak. They apply the criteria and know which guys are leveling off. His improvement from now on will gradually grind to a halt, just like with 99.9999999% of the players they have scouted the past 25 years.

Could he be an exception? Sure, just like you could win the next powerball.
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Pretty much all the international guys who are going pro route are long gone by 17 these days. The guys left in the 18s OB and Herr are college level players except for about 2 of them who may have some pro potential.
So clueless
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