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Originally Posted by eman resu View Post
sounds like too much - is it? There's an used Head LM2 at a local store, I was hoping to extend it 0.5" (to 28") and make it heavier and more HL. The problem is that stick is only 270g and I like heavy racquets. Even if I'm only taking it close to 315-320g to spare my shoulder (current racquet at 340g), it would still require 50g of added weight to the handle. Would it play fine, assuming I could make it? SW would go up because of the extension and head tape, so not a problem.
Yeah, it's fine to add lots of mass to the grip. Pro stock racquets come out very light and then are filled with silicon, lead weights, lead tape, etc. No big deal. But yeah, be careful with adding mass to the head because extending it by 1/2" will automatically add over 30 swingweight units. Watch out for your shoulder.
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