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Originally Posted by PowayPride21 View Post
She's playing with my old Yonex RQiS 1 and doing really well, I just know that it would benefit to get her something with a little more power and definitely a head size of 100. I don't think you can really improve as dramatically or get a good feel for the game with a racquet from Big 5.
This is a very demanding racquet. If you could get your hands on one of the lighter RQIS line racquets (even a switch from the RQIS 1 Tour to the RQIS Tour XL 95, which is only a little bit lighter) makes a difference in racquet-head speed.

But, generally, the Prince racquets around 10 oz. and 100-105 head size are racquets that most beginners can do well with for a long time.
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