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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
Yes I know that. Plus the fact that Lendl won 5 YEC's, the same number as Sampras, and one fewer than Federer.

But I still can't rate him ahead of Sampras, Borg or Nadal.
I can not simply compare numbers from different eras and pretend that that means something.

How could I say Nadal>Lendl? Lendl had to serve and volley (on both serves) to try to win Wimbledon, had to play a totally different game than what he did at other venues. In spite of that he played 2 finals there and five other SF.

He was absolutely great on indoor carpet (even the faster ones), great on clay, immense on hard courts.

He won 8 GS in an era totally different than today (totally polarized conditions and varied competitive playing styles), he won 5 WTF ( 9 consecutive finals there).

He was nš1 for 270 weeks.

It is hard to imagine something better than that IN THAT ERA.
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