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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Greater player: Sampras
Greater achievement: Lendl

So they are even at 1-1
In what world does Lendl have greater achievements than Sampras?

14 slams > 8 slams (almost twice as many!)
6 yrs as No 1 > 4 yrs as No 1
285 wks > 270 wks at No 1
5 YECs = 5 YECs
8 straight yrs winning a slam > 4 straight yrs winning a slam

The only criteria on which Lendl beats Sampras are slam finals (19 > 18 ) and minor tournaments (Masters and below) won. It's not even as if Lendl completed the career slam so you can't use that to put him ahead of Sampras.

Of course Lendl is an all-time great but no-one would sensibly rank him ahead of Sampras.
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