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Originally Posted by mattennis View Post
I can not simply compare numbers from different eras and pretend that that means something.

How could I say Nadal>Lendl? Lendl had to serve and volley (on both serves) to try to win Wimbledon, had to play a totally different game than what he did at other venues. In spite of that he played 2 finals there and five other SF.

He was absolutely great on indoor carpet (even the faster ones), great on clay, immense on hard courts.

He won 8 GS in an era totally different than today (totally polarized conditions and varied competitive playing styles), he won 5 WTF ( 9 consecutive finals there).

He was nš1 for 270 weeks.

It is hard to imagine something better than that IN THAT ERA.
Yes that's true but you can only compete and win in the era you're born in, you can't hold it against Nadal for not winning on fast grass when those conditions didn't exist in his era.

The fact remains that Nadal has won more slams than Lendl despite competing in the same era as the GOAT.
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