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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
You can do whatever you want amongst consenting adults, but the reality is that the rule is that the receiver has no right to call foot faults in non-officiated games.
Whatever semantic gamesmanship you want to play with the FF rule here, one is certainly within their rights and the rules to point it out to the opponent that he is FF'ing. What the perp does after that is up to him and his ethics. If being called on it when he does it, gets into his head, it's his fault for FF'ing and giving his opponent the opportunity to get into his thick head. You may not want to ever play again with someone who calls you on it, but he may not want to play with you again either.

Originally Posted by tennis_ocd View Post
Sounds like it's about gamesmanship. Next you can measure his racket, comment on his dampner being in the string bed, shoes too rough for clay court, tennis attire not to club standards, placement of towel, sunglasses reflexing sunlight, type of balls used, stealing a sip of water after 1 game switch, etc. Get into his head and have fun!
All the things you mention are in the specified rules of tennis or rules for guests and members of tennis clubs and facilities. If you don't like someone getting into your head, then follow the simple rules of the game and don't give them any ammunition--they are so simple to understand and follow. If you want to question authority buy a skateboard.
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