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Originally Posted by TCF View Post the way, the little MO is in town, the kids are practicing all over the place. We hit next to a bunch of them this morning.

Just amazing to watch these intense coaches putting kids through drills with pancake serves and bunting forehands. Strange phenomenon that rushing into tournaments once the kid can clear the net.
I know i did the same thing. Im still doing it today. I know my daughter isnt ready to compete but im still letting her play tournaments as long as shes doing it right.She doesnt have any technical flaws its just she just doesnt know how to compete yet. Im not worried about wins or losses now even though it drives me crazy to watch her lose to some of these girls she loses to. I SEE THE BIG PICTURE AND WHAT IVE SEEN AND WHAT I KNOW IS THAT WHEN SHES 14 SHE WONT BE LOSING TO ANY OF THESE GIRLS THAT I HAVE SEEN PLAY.The ONLY reason she loses now is that it really doesnt matter to her right now. When it starts or IF it starts to matter GAME OVER!!!!
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