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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
Wouldnt winning take care of everything?
Hi Ga Tennis,

The problem with the internet is that it is hard to tell whether a poster is being sarcastic or asking a sincere question.

Ga, I am an older poster with a kid leaving the system when the changes happen,
and will have zero skin in the game when this all takes place.

I am puzzled that the parents of younger children are not concerned about what is to take place in 2014,
and have not been carefully reading along and raising voice about what will be disastrous to junior tennis in this country.

Your question, if it is sincere, would only make sense pre the year of 2010.

By, 2014, the tournaments will be cut by 80%.

How can you be the champion of a tournament that doesn't even exist anymore?

How can winning take care of it, when there will be no Winter Nationals or Easter Bowl?

Regardless whether you like this coach or not personally,
I admire a person who sticks out their neck and stands up for the young juniors in this country.
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