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Default Head PT280 MP

This beauty has joined the herd! Price was ridiculous, couldn't pass it!

I had a hit and a set, with the good condition (bud old I guess) syn gut it came with. Wow, first impression was clubby, compared to what I play with, nowadays. However, very quickly I realised that my ground strokes are great and that I can place them with great precission (maybe the best I've ever experienced!). Serve was a b!tch... It took me a while to get used that racquet head just won't whip around like with my lighter SW sticks. Once I figured it out, it was ok.
Btw, no ways this is 97 sqin (630 sqcm) head. I placed it on top of POG (93 sqin) and it is bearly a bit longer, while few mm narrower. I'd say 95 sqin max...
It plays nice and soft, indespite the tight pattern and pretty tight string job. Dwell time is noticable too. It can hit decent spin and very good slice. Easy to volley, but didn't have any "reflex" ones to try.
Over all, very nice. It's a keeper!

Specs with owergrip and rubber band:
W = 342
SW = 333
B = 6 HL

It's never too late for a happy childhood!

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