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so last night i tried/tested for a couple of hours the volk cyclone tour 1.25 mainly fromthe baseline.

my usual strings Tour bite 1.25 strung at 46lbs and scorpion 1.22 47lbs
racquet used: microgel prestige MP
string tension: 49lbs
set up used: full bed cyclone tour
stringing machine; gamma progression 2 drop weight

first impression: by just looking at it due to the twisted gear i thought it look like BHS rough.
Stringing it: i'm not the most expert stringer here but i really thought i was not hard at all weaving the string all thought it has some coil memory that can bother a little but it was not too bad. it's definitely softer than cyclone which i strung a few times.also i noticed that once the racquet was strung i had way more string left on the table than with mostly of other strings. TW suggested because softer than the original cyclone to string it 3/4 lbs tighter but because of the 18/20 string pattern of my racquet i went up to my usual tension a couple of lbs only.

hitting session

first 10 minutes the string bed felt a bit stiff, not like cyclone but a comfortable stiffness, then some how or it lost some tension right away or it was only the break in time. after the 10 minutes i really noticed the difference when hitting the ball. i could almost feel the ball sitting for a fraction of a second on the string bed( like it was a pillow) kind being wrapped by the string bed and coming off nicely.
i can tell for sure that these string would be a good fit for flat hitters. I hit top spin and flat on bought wings and i got to say that the balls coming off flat were traveling with a lot more power and penetration that when i use tour bite. spin is very nice too but i did not notice it had more than the original cyclone but it is still a very good amount of spin.
i did have any complain about the control at all, i could do anything i wanted hitting any area of the court.
when hitting the FH the balls coming off were pretty deep heavy and i was constantly pushing back my tennis buddy and i really thought it was very easy to change direction to the ball.
slice back had was great! ball was traveling really close to the net, deep and once bouced it sliced away. Also the side spin was very good as well.
i had some issue at the beginning with the double hands back hand, i could not really feel the ball on the string bed as when using the FH. however, after a little i got used to it softness and i had no more issue. my friend said that i could generate some nice power and the ball was pretty deep and heavy.
initial final thought are that it's for sure a softer string and with some more power that cyclone, but controllable even though some times i thought it was a bit springy. i really enjoyed flatting balls out which i believe it's the main quality of the string in my opinion. after my hitting session the gear in the middle of the string bed was gone.....little disappointed.

i will get back to you guys with more about the string especially serve, volley and feel..

however, if i had to string my racquet again i would not go higher than 50lbs with a 18/20 string pattern

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