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Default Ektelon D or I fix or upgrade

I have 2 is new and at my sons. I have an older Ektelon and am thinking about getting it back up and running. I think its like an old Model D or E. I used it for years and it was monumentally reliable and so easy to string on. But the tension head broke last year and I cant fix it (its probably fixable I am just not able). So I have looked at misc upgrades. The mounting system is probably outdated. Anyway I am wondering whether to go new,....or to buy a Wise or find a used tension head somewhere. A used Ektelon H or NEOS machine would be good. Thoughts? I have the oppty to buy a an Eagnas tension head...would it fit on an old machine? I just string my own racquets maybe a couple a week so perfection is not necessary.
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