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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
So you got the 98? 93 might also be a try since she's so used to the Mid, and Chris and Andy loved that thing and I think they actually found it to be pretty maneuverable.

Black Ace 93 also sounds like a great fit - for me my description has always been that it's an easier to use Prestige Mid or PS 85. Same type of laser ball control and feel but in an 11.6 package instead of 12-plus. The '2012 version' TW just had has a sw of only 320 or so, but even the old BA 93 I felt was much easier to wield than a Prestige Mid despite a 330 sw, as the static was still about 11.6 or so. Unfortunately both of these frames are hard to find now.
Gotta stop reading this thread at work.. skipped right by this!

PK is always under my radar and for what reason, I'll never know. Looked at the specs again and this could be a great fit for her. If the trimmed and stripped PresMid (with a little compensating lead love at 12) isn't cutting it or is too of a foreign feel from the familiar, I'll have to go this route.

The BlackBlade will get a work-out tonight at the indoor courts. Sadly, I'm sitting by, watching her lesson/training. That's alright, burning the tips/instruction into my subconscious.
I lika to do da cha-cha
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