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Wink Gran is the man

Granville- I've had two arthroscopic surgeries on my elbow and shoulder which ended my NCAA career. I played with the Wilson PS Classic 6.1 since about 1992 all the way throug college and up to 2000. That stick is a monster that will do hidden damage to your arm/shoulder that you won't feel for years later! I got those sticks with my player package and still have a couple left. How about you and get a huge bonfire going and put these 6.1's to rest! Haha

Anyway, after consulting with my team doctor and an orthopaedic specialist who happens to be a USTA doctor on site at the US Open during tournament time, he's treated more tour players (both current and retired) who used 6.1's for elbow/shoulder injuries, than any other racquet.

He recommends a Volkl/Boris Becker and Prince sticks to up and coming junior kids and others who he treats...

Stay away from a poly and stay away from a Prestige- look long and hard at a POG or a Power Bridge 10 or even a BB Delta Core London Tour. Played with them all, all great sticks. Never had a problem since dropping the 6.1.

Somebody who has felt your pain!

Just sayin...
USPTA Certified, former D-1 college player
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