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I guess it isn't unusual, it's just both players could be the GOAT. Federer already is in many people's eyes but it would be impossible to argue against if he didn't have Nadal around, Nadal could also be the GOAT to most people if Federer hadn't set the bar so high. Not sure if that's the case with most other rivalries, perhaps with some of them. I guess Agassi with let's say 11 slams and a full set might be considered the GOAT if Sampras had never existed
Agassi would have 14 slams without Sampras. Actually he might have about 18 as his 96-98 slump would have never happened without Sampras beating him at the 95 U.S Open. No player has suffered as much from another player as Agassi did from Sampras.
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