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[QUOTE=BTW Garry, I also didn't find Big Ace in the PD @ 45s too powerful. I could have gone lower actually. Not as good all around for me as PPT in the Juice, but a nice poly, not quite my thing.[/QUOTE]

hi Ross

i really like Big Ace in the PD @ 44/42 and ive also played it in the Blade 98 @ 51/48 which i liked too,yes its not too powerful which in the PD is great as i like to hit hard with spin and pepper my opponents baseline,serves were great too with bags of power with good direction/spin on them.
its just a shame pro supex is to stop making it and had an email from the place i get it from to let me no they only have a few sets left and havent found anywhere else in the UK that stocks it so its a sad time

Big Ace in the blade 98 @ 51/48 played pretty good with excellent control and low power but enough to play well in doubles,power on my serves wasnt very good but i can live with that,
i did re-string Big Ace @ 44/42 in the blade but its lost the control i love but my serves were more powerful than strung @ 51/48,im going back to 51/48 in the blade as im liking that low powered/control "PP" boardy feeling lol

cheers Garry

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