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Nope, not good......because his coach has let us down. He promised that he had the plan to turn a guy into the next Nadal. He told us he would show the weak American coaches how to make a Nadal. He was given a player 6'4" and totally dedicated to tennis since age 5.

Nadal was a pro by 15 and we are given an almost 17 year old who can not win the OB or the Herr, let alone be a top 100 pro like Nadal was?

OB or Eddie Herr? How about any national of any level, or ITF of any level?! I know you come off to some as hard, but you got it spot on. Any decent kid has a great win now and then. Attribute it to one player is just more on that day. But the truly good ones have a consistent showing of good wins that lead to a consistent showing of tournament wins. A single match or even single tournament does not a career make and I am shocked by how many think one day in the life of a junior player makes all the difference. Nope. Keep on keeping on TCF, you got it.

Making people believe if you say things enough it will come true is absurd. I don't mind cheering the kid on, but don't like the misleading going on.

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