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Originally Posted by rafafan20 View Post
Anything to report?
Not much yet.

The Outlast arrived today and I had one of the Pure Storm GTs strung with VS/Outlast at 55/51. Just picked it up at 5:00, will hit with it Saturday afternoon. Might hit serves tonight.

Any-who, the string passed two tests with A+ grades.

Dent Resistance: A+
I've found that strings that resist denting when bent perform better as a cross. They allow mains to move freely without getting trapped in a dent/notch. For the test I bend the string and look for crumpling on the surface and the ability to bend the string straight without deformation. The Outlast didn't show ripples when bent and I could straighten it without visible damage.

Mains Sliding Pull: A+
After stringing I pull the mains to see how they move over the crosses. In this case we have the smoothest pull I've ever seen/felt. The crosses have remained undamaged/un-dented during stringing and the mains move smoothly.

Potential Problems: Power and Tension Loss
According to TW data Outlast is softer than PHT at 51# and has about the same tension loss. PHT can get pretty lively over time which, combined with TW data, does not bode well for Outlast. Only on-court testing over a week or two will tell the whole story. I have read very positive reports on real world Outlast tension maintenance so, knowing lab tests are sometimes misleading, I have hope for Outlast.

Very eager to hit with this setup. Having tacos and wine for dinner. Hopefully I'll feel like hitting serves afterwards! The problem is that I love tacos and wine...
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