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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Playing volkl org 10 295 but customized to 12.1, 6HL, sw335 for almost 2 years now. Just demo-ed new dunlop f3.0, m3.0, wilson ps 6.1 95 w/lead on head, and TF 320. The volkl is just a better racket. Quality instrument - good power, good spin, very precise and very comfortable. I only demo-ed the others because I wanted to see what the new dunlops are like - they are good but not as good as the volkl

I think volkl sometimes has a rep as an old guys racket but they are a cut above in my view. The thin beam o10 actually plays with a more modern feel - very solid feel for 20mm beam.
I've played with the PB V1 mid+, the PB 10 mid and I've demoed the Organix 10 (325g). I am currently playing with the Donnay x dual core Gold 99. The only brand I would switch to, would be Volkl. To me, the Volkl's are constructed very well, have excellent feel and obviously are known for their comfort.

I've tried 2 of the Prince frames(Rebel 98,EXO3 Tour 18x20) and they just don't have the right feel. I lose control because I can't feel the ball.

Have any of you Volkl guys played with any of the new Donnays?

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