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In women's tennis out of all the elite multi-slam champions from the 00s, Mauresmo was by far my favourite player. I think that she had the most variety in her game and was the most fun to watch.

However I agree that she was not on the same level as Serena, Henin, Venus or even Clijsters or Davenport. The 2-3 grand slam title bracket was about right for her.

The one area where I definitely think she did underachieve though was her RG record. It was ridiculous how she let the pressure of playing in front of her home crowd affect her so much. She failed to reach the semi-finals there in 16 attempts, despite winning 2 Berlin titles, 2 Rome titles, a Warsaw title and an Amelia Island title on clay. In 2001 and 2004 especially there was a lot of pressure on her to win the RG title, following her stellar results in the lead-up tournaments, but she lost to Jana Kandarr in the 1st round in 2001 and in the quarters to Dementieva in 2004.

Players like Federer, Henin and Kuerten probably had the best deal with the RG crowd. They are/were hugely popular there and almost had the same level of support as the home French players did, without the burden of the national pressure/expectation or fear of letting the demanding home fans down.

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