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Just hit for 30 minutes with my son using VS/Outlast at 55/51.

- comfort: absolute perfection. Wierdly better than my frame with full VS gut. I have no idea why. It felt like a big pillow with zero vibration.

- spin: right up their with the best I've ever used. Insanely easy to generate gravity bending spin. Slices were really, really fun.

- control: perfectly acceptable except possibly for...

- power: TONS of pop on volleys which was enjoyable but also lots of power, at least at this tension. Maybe (probably) too much more for me. Only saving grace was the amount of spin with that power. My full VS setup provides lots of power too but if timing is off spin can be insufficient to keep the ball in. With VS/Outlast at 55/51 there's loads of power but perhaps enough spin to tame it.

Whether or not this works for competition vs heavy remains to be seen. For casual light hitting with wife and kids it's a no-brainer: VS/Outlast is a winner. It's interesting enough to try tomorrow and maybe try a higher tension on the cross to see the effect on power.

Another good power vs spin reference point: hit a bunch of kick serves. Huge arc, high kick, but just kissing the service line. Too scary for me under match conditions.
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