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My wife is perfectly happy with this one, she's a beginner as well.

Big sweet spot, spin machine, nice weight for a beginner lady even with 10 grams of lead in the handle to make it more manovrable, sometimes when i got lazy i use it myself, and seriously i had toughts to switch to it with a little more lead added in the handle and in the head.

A real beginner does not need a player racket, she does not have yet the technique to handle it correctly and for more than 30 minutes, something more appropriate to her skill level (something that helps her to send back and deep the ball) will give her better results with conseguently more fun and then if she improves fast a little adjustment on the weight and there you are ready for new adventures.

For 150 $ you buy her 2 rackets and a bag.

Further good options for beginner, on sale at tw:

this one is even at 30 $ new, ok it's really girlish

personally i would not show myself with it ......

There are so many options here, and the reputation of the site is just excellent as you can read in the forum.

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