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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
This racquet is a total TT GOAT thread for multiple reasons :

A detailed Drak review

The wilson promo described by different posters who experienced it all over the country.

A moment of Suresh

Exciting racquet tech that gets everyone rabidly curious

JackB1 switches sticks

Naysayers and doubters step in

UK guys find each other online and make friends while feverishly tracking down a demo

RossK claws his eyes out in a raw 'holic lust.

Green posters from both sides of the pulpit rise to the occasion with pros and cons

Full poly at over 55#s of tension is totaly accepted as ok

LeeD leaves the technqiue forum and steps in to question and antagonize

Honestly, this thread should be stickied as a HOF thread and made required reading for anyone new to the Racquet forums.
hey, I haven't switched ........................yet

funny post PP

seriously though, I am very impressed with the Steam 99s. It seems like a great fit for my game. Its like a "super tweener". But all gimmicks aside, its a solid racquet with nice feel and power. The swingweight of my demo is spot on perfect. It adds a little more spin to my shots and I think this stick will be even better with my own string choices. An added bonus too for us home stringers...just 15 crosses to worry about
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